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"... I design what I like to see around me and love the sparkle in people's eyes when it clicks. 

... it is like sharing a warm cup of tea with the ones you love....

Because everyone is an artist ! "

My name is Natasha de Francisco.

I was born in Moscow, Russia (then Soviet Union) in 1982. My humanitarian work and writing activities took me to different places of the world and taught to appreciate the beauty of the moment and details. 


I have been sketching and drawing in pencil since early years. My first exhibition was in Moscow at the age of 11. Since then, I have been dealing with reportage illustration, digital graphic design for publications and participating in both individual and collective oil and watercolor art shows in Russia, Switzerland, and the United States. 


Since 2009, I've been also working on a number of architectural, interior and clothes design projects. 


My art philosophy is rooted in the traditions of Swiss pastel drawing as well as Russian and Soviet realist art, in particular the works of the Peredvizhniki and Soviet children's book illustration. 


My artist's arsenal is very diverse. I like them all: ink, charcoal, pencils, pastels, oil, tempera, watercolors, markers. And I use them everywhere: paper, wood, glass, clay, metal, stones.

I design what I like to see around me. 

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